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Strategic Planning
Nowadays, for a company to gain competitive advantages and prosper in a tough, competitive environment necessitates reshuffling its operations and adjusting its organizational structure to the currently prevailing trends and to the upcoming challenges. This might involve answering questions such as which new or existing markets does it need to reach, which adjustments to products or services does it need so that these products or services gain higher acceptance. At the same time, it involves re-evaluating and reorganizing its commercial network and the way the company communicates with its target audience and, finally, it involves using a variety of marketing tools. All the above are part of a new Strategic Planning, aiming at determining the future course of the company and its corporate goals. 

Winning’s expert team members are trained to "listen and understand needs, obstacles and opportunities have the qualifications to design the company's strategic plan and to propose effective low-cost solutions, aiming at:

  • optimizing the company’s organization and operations 
  • restructuring the commercial networks and developing strategies for new distribution channels partnerships
  • resetting strategic and commercial objectives
  • mobilizing the enterprise through the upgrading of human capital and the development of specific critical skills
  • disseminating the customer-oriented perception and the corporate values

The implementation of this consulting intervention includes:

  • monitoring and recording the current conditions and prevailing situations within the company
  • designing the company’s corporate identity (link: Corporate Identity Development)
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • identifying and evaluating the potential and expertise of the company's staff
  • submitting a developmental proposal with viable and realistic solutions which can be successfully financed and which can achieve specific results
  • monitoring and adapting of the policies and structures required to achieve the new commercial objectives
  • designing long-term and sustainable solutions which will contribute to the growth and continuous profitability of the company

What makes us different

  • we utilize the existing resources of the company by submitting modestly budgeted, highly efficient proposals, which can be financed through the growth of the company itself
  • we focus on upgrading and enhancing the skills of the existing staff through training 
  • we put emphasis on the continuous improvement of the processes related to service provided to interim and end-users of the products / services of the company
  • we closely monitor the implementation of the policies we have agreed upon with company management
  • we establish a positive two-way communication with management for the whole duration of our consulting intervention

What the benefits are

  1. creation of competitive advantages
  2. measurable qualitative and quantitative results
  3. reinforced customer relations through customer service
  4. improved teamwork
  5. increased employees’ satisfaction 
  6. motivation towards achievement of team and individual goals
  7. achievement of corporate objectives, along with sustainable growth
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