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Consulting Services

Economic conditions during times of instability often threaten the sustainability of business operations.

Winning’s expert consultants, are properly qualified to design a strategic plan which will include a new corporate identity, new corporate objectives & goals, restructuring of operations, personnel assessment and training, cost savings plans and optimal utilization of resources in areas that best will contribute to growth and to longer-term sustainability.

The design and development of the new strategic planning takes place in cooperation with company management and with its support. During this intervention, we continuously monitor the results. 

An effective consulting intervention (i.e. retail with an independent sales network), might include the following: designing corporate identity, improvement in processes and sales management, management of the stock and ordering process, training sales managers and salespersons in Active Selling as well as upgrading customer service and the whole customer experience of the final buyer.

Our goal at Winning, concerning all our consulting interventions, is unequivocal and has to do with focusing on ensuring profitability and sustainability for our client company. 

Our most important interventions are the following:
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