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Executive Coaching

Today’s challenges call for professionals who possess self-awareness, who know how to set clear goals, who have good empathy skills and who seek continuous self-improvement in the way they act, communicate and relate to others.
Winning’s approach in this personal development journey is customized to suit the individual. More specifically, the starting point has to do with:
a. identifying the current professional profile of the individual and
b. clarifying the current and future aspirations in his/her professional career

What differentiates us:

  • We create the right environment in which the individual feels safe to grow and further develop 
  • We have the ability to distinguish his/her potential
  • We have the ability to bring out his/her strengths   
  • We focus our attention and work on any personal barriers which may block his/her further development 
  • We have the ability to overturn misconceptions which may hinder his/her growth and thereby to expand his/her potential still further 
  • We readjust the agenda of the coaching sessions based on the individual’s own progress, as well as the current and future challenges his/she is or will be facing
  • We develop the required skills by running continuous role-plays with a varying degree of difficulty
  • We provide continuous feedback at each and every step
  • We build mutual trust

What the benefits are:

  1. build up of desired profile and achievement of his/her original aspirations as set at the beginning by the individual
  2. stronger confidence
  3. increased self-awareness
  4. improved empathy skills 
  5. improved communication skills
  6. effective handling of objections
  7. optimal time and resources management
  8. communication line stays open, even after coaching sessions are over

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