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Sales are directly affected by customer psychology, which in turn influences consumer behavior. Salespeople are faced with new challenges nowadays. The share of online sales has gone up over the past few years and will continue to increase. Customers tend to be now more informed. Time available for shopping time is reduced, compared to the past. In addition, the feeling of uncertainty is a factor that influences the psychology of the salespeople themselves.

Salespeople nowadays need to be motivated and able to identify the specific needs of the customer so as to make a sales proposal that best suits those needs. Apart from product knowledge, salespeople need to have excellent communication skills, be confident and able to build trust with the customer.

Furthermore, Sales Managers are responsible not only for setting goals but also, more importantly, to guide, develop, coach, motivate and empower their sales team to achieve the desired results.

Being aware of the challenges and demands in the field of sales, Winning has designed specialised training programs with practical tools which can be immediately applied and bring the desired quantitative results.

Our key training programs in the field of Sales are:
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We provide services which cover a wide range of needs in the following areas: