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Training Programs

Winning’s training programs are designed to develop the soft skills of participants in an experiential way. Trainees are encouraged to participate fully in the training program and interact with each other. The practical activities and role plays, combined with the feedback given from the instructors help participants to gain awareness of their potential and to expand their set boundaries.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our training programs, can be conducted online in live virtual classrooms while maintaining, to the extent possible, the integrity of the main quality features and goals throughout all our programs, such as those listed below:

Our Goals

  • To develop skills in people that can be directly put into practice 
  • To achieve shifts in mindset
  • To improve results, both qualitative and quantitative 
  • To strengthen people’s interpersonal skills 
  • To help participants gain awareness and grow 
  • To enhance the professional profile of our participants

What differentiates us in the Field of Training

  1. The practical tools and training material which we have ourselves developed at Winning
  2. The fact that the major component (ca 70%) of the training program content is based on role-plays, with theory comprising the remainder (ca 30%)
  3. The real case scenarios which we use for the role-plays are designed to meet the priorities and needs of our specific client
  4. The individual feedback we provide to each trainee
  5. The in-depth analysis and emphasis we put on interpersonal communication
  6. The learning environment which we create, by encouraging trainees to engage fully and to obtain a good grasp of the skills required
  7. The fact that the skills thus acquired by the trainee can also be applied in other, non professional aspects of his/her life
  8. The experiential nature of the whole learning experience 
  9. The ability of our trainers to achieve shifts in the mindsets of trainees

Winning’s Training Team

Winning's trainers have years of experience and expertise in the design, development and implementation of training programs, which are aligned with current trends and customized exclusively to the client's training needs.
Overall, Winning’s Trainers have implemented the past 24 years more than 176 training programs in 12 different industries (link: Our Clients) resulting in more than 25.000 man training days.

Training Design & Implementation

The design phase begins once we have clarified with the client the main area of intervention and have agreed to conduct a training program for that area. A Workshop then takes place during which: 
  • we assess and record the current situation (i.e. training needs, most prominent challenges, main priorities, etc.)
  • we identify areas and opportunities for improvement 
  • we agree on specific case - scenarios for the role-plays, which will be used to develop the needed skills 
Up to 70% of each training program is hands-on. The training team runs continuous role-plays of varying degree of difficulty, investing in each trainee separately so as to develop the required "soft” skills. In addition to that, instructors give individual feedback to each trainee. At the end of the program, trainees are asked to evaluate the whole training experience across three (3) categories: trainers – training material –training methodology.

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