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Product Training
Product training - especially in the automobile industry - is designed and developed after a detailed briefing with the customer has taken place, regarding the "concept” of the new car model, its technical characteristics & features, its competition and the specific training needs of the sales network. 

Based on the above, a 50-60 page booklet is prepared with a variety of team exercises and activities included, as a handout to each trainee, to be used during training, but also a post training handbook for reference.

Depending on the specific features & specifications of the subject model and the on the specific training needs, the team at Winning designs both the "Static Discovery” process of the model, as well as the "Dynamic Discovery” through the test drive. In both cases, the salespersons, under the guidance of the trainers, participate in specific tasks and activities with the aim to highlight features of the model which correspond to potential customer benefits to attract a variety of potential buyer profiles.

Product training sessions which mainly address sales and aftersales networks, are designed in smaller or larger groups and follow a continuous interactive form of training, requiring trainee participation in activities, exercises and role-plays. The purpose of this training method is  to provide the sales force with a thorough understanding, not only in terms of the advantages and customer benefits of the new model but also in terms of the appropriate manner face-to-face communication with the customer from the perspective of successfully closing the sale.

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