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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication entails so much more than just sending a message to a recipient verbally or non-verbally. To develop one’s interpersonal communication skills, it is necessary to look at the individual’s personality, his/her emotions, personal needs and values. Throughout the process of developing these skills, one needs to be mindful and reflect often.

When we are listeners, do we really listen to what the other person is telling us or do we listen to our inner thoughts? What meaning do we give to what we’ve heard or read and what impact does this have on the way we choose to respond, whether verbally and/or in writing (i.e. content, style, assertiveness, etc.)? Do we really connect with each other when we communicate or not? Do we motivate others when we communicate or do they lose interest in what we say quickly? Do we communicate with empathy? What does it mean to communicate with empathy?

The training programs Winning has designed for Interpersonal Communication help participants to reflect constructively on the way they communicate and develop the skills needed by taking active part in role-plays. The trainers make sure that each individual receives personal feedback aiming to help him/her develop the skills he/she needs to in particular.

The most characteristic training programs of Winning in Interpersonal Communication are:

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