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Personnel Assessment
Personnel Assessment is a process in the field of human resources which entails a high degree of responsibility and which demands, above all, objectiveness on the part of the assessor.


Whether it concerns rotation or promotion of an individual, Winning can run an objective assessment based on the required criteria. The main method we use is the personal interview, during which we identify in the candidate the following:

  • the current level of the skills required
  • the degree to which the candidate understands and is willing to adopt new skills, as well as improve himself/herself in these new skills
  • the candidate’s level of motivation 

What differentiates us

  • before we start the assessment, we ensure that we have a clear and uniform understanding of the assessment criteria 
  • we do not limit ourselves to only asses the individual’s current performance but, in addition, we strive to have a clear picture of the degree to which the individual demonstrates improvement during the interview itself
  • we use role-plays to validate in practice the candidate’s statements, responses and claims
  • we show respect towards the candidate’s personality and we do not violate his/her personal zone
  • we take great care to ensure that, through this assessment interview, we have contributed to enabling the candidate to recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses

What the benefits are

  1. uniform focussing in the interviewing process
  2. objectiveness based on assessment criteria
  3. clear picture of the candidate’s current performance as well as his/her apparent degree of improvement
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