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Call Centers

Call Centers contribute to the financial results of a company as well as to the level of customer satisfaction. Having a clear focus and adapting to anything new is required. In addition, it is important to have clear goals, which are well understood by all involved.

This particular consulting intervention focuses on identifying the goals (quantitative and qualitative) and developing those skills that are required to achieve these goals. 

The intervention is developed in 8 Stages:

  1. Gaining knowledge of the current situation: Management Briefing, studying data and KPIs. On-site visits by Winning’s consultants, monitoring processes, time management skills and customer service. Recording through observation / co-listening / interviewing with supervisors, team leaders and a representative sample of agents. 
  2. Identifying the desired situation: Combining findings from the previous Stage (1) and taking into consideration management’s priorities, we put emphasis on actively promoting a service / product and increasing the productivity. Making a plan of on-site visits, actions and timeframe.
  3. Goal setting at 3 levels : individual agents, agent team and the whole call center: Re-evaluating performance indicators (i.e. percentage of answered calls, success rate, clear lon-on time, / aux time, identifying traffic time zones, etc.)
  4. Creating and / or modifying the bonus scheme for the agents / teams / whole call center, and establishing milestones.
  5. On the spot personal training – coaching of the agents: Role-plays / Co-listening to improve agents’ communication skills.
  6. Personal training of team leaders / supervisors with the aim to set goals, motivate and coach frontline agents effectively.
  7. Follow-up visits by Winning’s consultants for monitoring / validating: Agree with the management for a specific time period.
  8. Reporting to the Management

What makes us different

  • we provide on-site training and application
  • we invest on the individual improvement of each agent based on his/her profile and performance
  • we train individually the Call Center Manager so as to continue the task, after our intervention 

What the benefits are

  1. productivity improvement (answering time, call duration, etc.)
  2. development of a common strategy and a common philosophy for selling and for  handling situations
  3. improved financial results
  4. immediate adaptability to new information
  5. strengthening of the customer-oriented mentality
  6. increase in customer satisfaction 
  7. teambuilding
  8. motivated personnel
  9. "establishment” of skills
  10. For maximum results, this consulting

intervention can be combined with the training program Effective Telephone Sales

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