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Managing your People
A specialized training program that analyzes in depth the role of the Manager and human behavior in an experiential way 

Target Audience 

Executives, Managers and/or Directors who are responsible for people in their team

Training Goals

  • to realize the challenges of people management
  • to understand, analyze in depth and become familiar with the basic tools of coaching and motivation 
  • to communicate with empathy
  • to gain self-awareness through constructive self-assessment



  • Understanding how the behavior of people managers shapes the work environment and the corporate culture
  • Understanding the impact of effective communication in people management 
  • Identifying the current level of motivation of a person and learning how to use it effectively
  • Goal setting based on the person’s skills and level of motivation 
  • Giving positive feedback 
  • Giving modifying feedback vs criticizing the other person
  • Understanding the impact of personal beliefs on people management
  • Dealing effectively with ‘labeling’ at the workplace
  • Learning to adjust to different communication profiles
  • Running effective meetings 
  • Handling arguments with positivity
  • Learning to work effectively as a team  

Training Methodology

  • continuous role-plays with a varying degree of difficulty during which each participant receives individual coaching 
  • individual personal feedback

Duration and Participations

  • 3 x 2 training days (6 working days - 48 training hours) in groups of 6 participants
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