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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is one of the kinds of research & surveys we use, in order to assess and record consumer satisfaction in key retail sales networks. Our expertise has to do both with designing and conducting Mystery Shopping surveys, whether on a regular or on an ad hoc basis, adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Mystery Shopping Customer Satisfaction Surveys are conducted in three Stages:

1. Designing the Survey

  • Identification of specific needs - parameters in which the customer is interested
  • Development and configuration of the questionnaire, which includes all required data, always under guidance and with the approval of our client
  • Validation of the questionnaire itself through running a representative number of pilot "mystery visits”

Example from the automobile industry: 

The main parameters to be evaluated - address issues such as customer service processes, behavior and product knowledge of the salesperson. Indicatively, researchers may evaluate, (depending on the client's priorities), the salesperson’s handling of potential customer concerns,  his/her willingness and motivation to close the sale, and the salesperson’s comprehensive final offer to the prospect customer. This offer should  include a financing  plan, trade-in offer for the customer's own car, a proposal to the prospect customer for a test-drive, but also the salesperson's initiative and effort to gain the prospective customer’s consent for a specifically agreed  follow up action.

At the end of each field visit, the researcher grades on a scale his/her overall satisfaction from the salesperson, as well as his/her intention to buy the car from the specific salesperson.

2. Running the Survey

  • Our researchers conduct "Mystery visits” to the points that have been agreed upon, acting as potentially interested customers
  • Our researchers fill out the questionnaire immediately after the visit. The degree of satisfaction for each examined parameter is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, along with detailed comments justifying the specific rating.

3. Processing the Findings and Reporting

  • Processing of the research data
  • 3D display of the findings 
  • Submission of Report with suggestions for improvement in specific areas identified during the research
  • Presentation of the findings to management, upon client’s request

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