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Market Research

Market research is an important tool for shaping a company's marketing strategy. It is designed with the aim to accurately identify and capture:

  • market size and trends
  • strengths and weaknesses of the product, the network, the competition, the commercial policy, etc., which are the main areas of interest for the company

Winning’s researchers:

  • visit and talk with key people in the specific target market
  • identify through targeted questions, critical areas which are important for the research 
  • record, quantify and present their findings using graphs, and make suggestions for immediate actions, which will provide our client with comparative advantages, i.e. an edge over competition

In order for the market research to give us the exact answers needed to design the Marketing policies, our team at Winning is in constant liaison with key people of our client company, and works closely together to create the questionnaire and implement the specific research. 

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