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Effective Video Conferencing
A specialised training program, which focuses on video conferencing with the use of specific software platforms

Target Audience

Executives who organize or participate often in video conferencing

Training Goals

  • to utilize video conferencing effectively in terms of time, participation and impact 
  • to strengthen the professional profile of the speaker



  • creating and following the video conference agenda
  • delivering the message in a clear, understandable and lively way
  • the limited non-verbal communication of the speaker and the participants 
  • the predominance of verbal communication over non-verbal communication in video conferencing
  • interacting with the participants in the video conference
  • guiding the audience’s attention either to the slides or to the speaker
  • keeping and maintaining the audience’s interest 
  • managing unexpected situations that may arise during the video conference (i.e. technical issues, etc.)

Training Methodology

  • continuous role-plays with a varying degree of difficulty during which each participant receives individual coaching 
  • individual and team presentations 
  • individual personal feedback

Duration and Participations

4x4-hours sessions using a software platform in groups of 6 participants 

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